Getting diesel out of my 2005 Honda Pilot

My boyfriend accidentally put diesel fuel in my car drove it about 5 minutes back to his house. How do I get the diesel fuel out of my car and will there be any damage to my car.

An automotive technician can pump the fuel from the tank, add gasoline and purge the fuel lines in less than 2 hours but there are some who gouge customers.

There are two regular members on this message board who will be mystified by how you were able to purchase diesel fuel for a gasoline vehicle (the rest of use understand how a 15/16" nozzle can be forced into a gasoline fuel tank).

Or the fact that some stations put a 13/16’ nozzle on the diesel pump, after a drive off takes their 15/16" nozzle.

Time for a new boyfriend that can read. :wink:

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Time for a new boyfriend that can read.

I hope the boyfriend is going to pay to get this fixed or is he going to be the ex boyfriend.