How to clean diesel out of petol engine

my girl friend put diesel in the tank and drove out of station then cut out .I havve drained the tank and fill with petrol but it still smokeing and oil up the spark plugs is ther product to put in the fuel or some thing.

Gasoline itself is a good cleaner. You may have to just bear with it until the diesel gets burned out. I suspect a tankful would be enough to clear it.

A gasoline engine will tolerate 10-15% diesel fuel no problem. It will take 20 miles of driving to clear the pump, filter, lines and fuel rail of the high concentration of diesel. Highway (high speed) driving is best. Accelerate gently to avoid knocking.

Hopefully it will clear itself out with some gasoline, you may want to try some fuel injector cleaner after you are sure you have all the diesel out of the system. If it doesn’t clear up after a couple of tanks, I would bring it to a shop and see what they can do to clean up the injectors.