Getting belt dressing off paint


I was applying a little belt dressing to my pulleys today to temporarily hush up some squealing and accidently splashed a few blotches of it on the front bumper. I think I was holding the can upright above the cowl and a little wind caught the spray.

I tried cleaning up a few of the blotches, oops, big mistake.

Is there a way to get this nasty stuff off my bumper without screwing up the paint?


update I tried a mild dish-detergent and hot water solution w/ a sponge and got 99% of it off the paint. Thanks anyway for reading.


I’d try the same stuff for getting road tar off cars. I have a plastic bottle of it, I think it has some kind of wax in it as well. Put a little on a rag, rub the spot, and it softens and removes the road tar as well as leaves the paint shiney like it’s just been waxed. I think several manufacturers make it, including turtle.


WD-40 works as well.