Get RX350h engine to immediately start? (To start engine warming)

Best to not inflict aggressive acceleration on a cold engine and cold catalyticonverter.

When the SUV turns onto the nearby highway, drivers behind slow.
My accelerating out of their way also saves them braking and using more fuel.

We don’t need an explanation… We all go for hours at a time without posting, it’s called a life…


How cold can it be in July? If the weather is “cold”, switch on the cabin heater, this will cause the engine to run long enough to heat the engine coolant.

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But you want to have the engine come on sooner than it is programed to do . You constantly contridict yourself.

Too bad the Forum rules say I can’t call you a attention wanting Idiot.


Why not? attention - wanting

When emergency transports, best if engine starts immediately so warmer when soon subjected to aggressive acceleration up hills. One of the worst things on engines is greater loads while cold.

If not an emergency, we just drive gently and let it warm up as it does.

Shall do what wolyrobb posted and report back.

55º to 65º F. (Cold compared to Operating Temperature.)
Best to keep the increasing engine heat in the engine and not divert it into the vehicle interior.

Please do NOT report back

Thank you