George Barris' funeral procession

…was very appropriate for this automotive artist:

George Barris was one of a small handful of truly legendary custom car makers that did truly original work. He’ll be missed.

I Knew Who George Barris Was.
But while he was starting his career is it possible that he was air bushing posters or T-shirts at a State Fair I attended, as a younger person? I’ve always wondered. I recall those Big Daddy Roth type paintings, the ones with flies circling the heads of caricatures.

A fitting send off.

Yes, it’s possible. Many of these guys were true artists, their cars being only one medium they worked in. Big Daddy may have been the most prolific of all with his Rat Fink character.

Many “customizers” today simply shave the handles and trim, chop and channel the body, install a super size motor, put on a pretty pain job, and call themselves customizers. The only modern “customizer” I know of that’s doing truly original work is Randy Grubb. His work is truly original.

Barris did the most outlandish stuff. Cars of the stars, cars to be Hot Wheels. Never afraid to push the boundaries, Not all were the finest products of the era but they pushed the limits of design. He was a visionary. RIP, George. My childhood was more interesting because of your creations.