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Well Pilgrim, Guess what car Make & Model "The Duke" (John Wayne) preferred and what Kustomization did he have done by George Barris of Barris Kustoms?

I’m sure some of you guys know this, already, but it’s news to me and I found it interesting.
By the way, the article points out that the Wayne family still owns one of his cars.

Can not remember which museum has it. There is a 1953 Corvette on display. John Wayne purchased it but found he was too big and gave it to Ward Bond. I thought that was somewhat odd, Ward wasn’t much smaller, if at all.

i can see a small bubble top roof in pic. maybe raising the roof 4" is a minor job for barris enterprises? probably wore his hat a lot.

I thought he’d died and I was right. George that is. I knew John died. I always wondered how they do the glass on those customs. Trying to get the windshield molded to fit right, etc.

Looks like a hearse or limo alteration. Some hearses of the early 60’s had those raised doors and bubble roof, too. Not usually including a looking glass - for obvious reasons! Seems like a bit of standard fare coach work.

Wayne also had a mine sweeper that he converted into a yacht.