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1995 t-shirt logo

In 1995, when you both had beards and more hair, you guys had a contest for a picture to go on a t-shirt. My son, who was a very accomplished artist, drew this picture but did not get it done in time to send it in, (a trait he gets from his father). He send it to his grandfather who was also a fan of the show. I’ve had it on my wall for years and finally got around to sending it in.Aside from the hair and and beards, the picture is also dated because the cell phone has an antenna and the other ones have cords.

The brothers have long since retired. They won’t see this.
But you can give my compliments to your son. Nice drawing. Sort of reminds me of a fella long ago by the name of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. A quick Google will let you know who he is. He may have been before your time, but he’s a legend among old time hot rodders.

That’s a very clever drawing. I think it would make for a great t-shirt!

Oh yeah, “Big Daddy” Roth. Creator of some of the more distinctive and unusual customs from the late '60’s. I met him at a car show once. Quite the character.

That is a nice drawing. That brick style phone does indeed date it, doesn’t it?

In addition to creating some of the finest show cars ever, such as the Outlaw and the Beatnik Bandit, he was also famous for his “weirdo” drawings, especially the “Rat Fink”.

Ah, yes, “Rat Fink”. There’ve been many imitations, but there’s only one true “Rat Fink”

Amen to that.
And there was only one Ed Roth.