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Geo won't go into 3rd or 4th

A friend of mine is stuck in UT with some issues. She is unable to shift into 3rd or 4th gears and her AC is not putting out cold air. On her way out she heard something fall off of the car but had no idea what it was. She took it to a shop today who told her that it was the compression block(what is this?) that had fallen off and was causing her ac and trans issues. Additionally she was told that it would cost more to fix than the car is worth. Could there be truth to this or are they pulling her leg?

She’s got a long drive to get back to NC and the last thing she needs is to get stranded. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m smelling a large mound of male bovine droppings. I have no idea what a compression block is (at least in the context of a Geo), and I can’t see how the transmission and A/C problems are directly related.

And if this is a Metro, they are commanding insane prices nowadays.

my thoughts exactly. Very true on the last part too. They are usually pretty reliable and good on gas. Anybody else have some info or want to agree? I’m telling her to go to a shop given good ratings on the car talk mechanic finder.