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Save the Geo

My son drives a 97 Geo 4 cylinder with about 95K miles. He has a grinding noise in the engine that only happens after he’s driven about 50 miles or so.

He took it to a mechanic in Annapolis who put a new belt tensioner and water pump on to the tune ot $700, but the noise started right back up after driving 50 miles! All this happened right before the Memorial Day weekend (and kept him from coming home to visit his mother!).

Any suggestions on what might be causing this problem, or on how the persuade the mechanic fix this without charging him another $700?

Thanks for your input!

I sure hope this mechanic replaced the timing belt as well, and not just the tensioner & water pump.

Need some more information here: does the noise vary with engine RPM or with vehicle speed? Is it constant volume, or does it fade in and out? Can anyone tell roughly where it’s coming from?

A couple of guesses: one of the pulley bearings on the engine might be shot, or one of the car’s brake pads could be worn down.

You got it, budd2049. He drove it until it made that noise again, brought it back to the shop, they adjusted a “brake sensor”? or some such under the hood, and the noise is gone. So is his $700 for a tensioner + timing belt that didn’t need to be replaced because it was done less than a year ago! Thanks for the input.