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Road Wandering 4x4 JEEP

I own a '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee that is 4x4 all the time; no two wheel transmission drive option. Ever since I bought this (used) vehicle, it has had the habit of ‘pulling’ to the right and once corrected, wandering to the left.

It has been aligned time after time, and every mechanic that has test driven it, has the same opinion; “I don’t know what it is, but how can you drive a car that does that!?” Most of them drive just once around the block before scratching their heads and delivering no solution.


Recently, the engine blew, so we installed a new (used) low mileage motor. While we had the chance, we left the front wheel drive shafts off and the wandering completely and totally stopped.

However, without the front wheel drive shafts installed, the vehicle will not go into Park, and will roll if on an incline.

“Use the emergency brake.” you might say, but; the parking brake is frozen up solid and cannot be fixed. (At least by any technician that has tried.)

Question: Does anyone know how I could rig the Park function to work and leave the front wheel drives off?

IT SOUNDS LIKE YOUR BALL JOINTS ARE WORN, OR IN NEED OF LUBRICATION. YOUR 4-Wheel Drive Sysytem will “wander” to the Path of least resistance when the steering system calls for an ever so slight change, and stay on that path until the path is again corrected BECAUSE the components are “sticking” or grooved within their housings. Have a mecahnic, who really knows how to check ball joints and steering compontents check this out. Also, if you vehicle is equipped with special OEM REAR Suspenson Links, the rear axle WILL acutally try to steer your vehicle.
I should add that by disconnecting your drive shaft, you eliminate the Torque Factor desisgned into the geometry of the steering system when the driveshafts are helping the rear drive shaft to propel the vehicle down the road. Even though the problem may seem to go away, the mechanical issues is still there. My son “Totaled” a Bronco with the same problem on a mountain road. Those ball joints were worn more severly then yours, but he was in four wheel drive at the time. The last thing you’ll have to consider if you purchase an “Axle eliminator” kit, or lockout hubs, etc., is the fact that the system may not be lubricated properly until you put it back into 4 wheel drive.
Again, don’t forget to have the rear axle links check properly before you touch the front end components.
Hope that helps.