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Geo storm stalls after 2 hours on hot weather

HI. I got a 91 geo storm. Recently it suffers of stalling after its been driven for a few hours on a hot weather.
It starts good and runs well but after a while and around noon it starts to stall when I press the gas pedal. It doesn’t die just it won’t resist pressing the gas pedal. It likes cuts down gas supply and stays on idle.
I notice also that right after a hard left turn it can also stall.
I have changed spark plugs cables rotor and distributor.
Any guesses?

When that happens pull off somewhere safe and remove the gas cap. If it runs fine immediately after, something is plugged in the vent system. If that doesn’t help, then I’d guess it might be a weak/failing fuel pump. Putting a pressure gauge on the fuel system would answer that.

Good advice above. If not that, hot weather stalls can be ignition system problems too. Faulty ignition module, etc.

It does sort of sound like a fuel delivery problem what you what you say tho. If the fuel pump and fuel filter are original, those should definitely be suspect.