Geo Metro Runs Poor in the Rain

Hi. I have a Geo Metro that runs really slow and sluggish in the rain. The idle speed is really low and it won’t “kick in” even when the gas pedal is on the floor. I changed all the ignition wires, distributor cap, rotor, air cleaner, and cleaned out the PCV valve. Sometimes, if it idles a long time in drive, it works fine. And, it only does it when it’s really wet and rainy, so it’s hard to take it to a mechanic as it doesn’t rain like that much here in San Diego.

Take it to a mechanic anyway. He knows how to make best use of a garden hose.

The recent services that you did should have done the trick. Now let a professional check out the ignition system output, timing, etc.

I have to agree with Steve. You did good, but this one is not the one of the usuals.

Thanks to both of you for replying… Now that the rain has stopped, it’s running good again. I am thinking of selling it as soon as I find another car that I like, so I wonder if it’s worth me putting more money into it. I gotta get it smogged soon, so I think I might have to have it checked, anyway. I’ll ask the mechanic what to do next.