Geo metro multi function switch

I own a 1996 Geo Metro 4 cylinder where all the lights work except the headlights when the switch is in the on position. I have daytime driving lights so at night I have been driving with the switch in the parking position. If I need highbeams I hold the swiotch in. Also, if the car sits in the sun (80 plus degrees) the headlights will work for a short time. I am wondering if I have some other problem other than the multi function switch as this is expensive.


leon stone

yep,check down at the fuse block for bad connections.

these cars a known for that.


REMOVE the fuse block and turn it over and look for signs of melting. But since you can make the high-beams work, it’s probably the switch. You could, with the aid of a wiring diagram, locate the headlight wires and install a separate switch on the edge of the dash, where it belongs…