Gear question on Camry

My 93 Camry, V6 automatic has been making a grinding noise when I put it into reverse gear. I’ve taken it to the mechanic and he says that this is a transmission issue and referred me to a transmission specialist. The Trani specialist has given me an estimate of $1600 to replace the entire transmission. Is the whole transmission bad and is there a less expensive solution? The car has 145,000 miles on it and I replaced the transmission about three years ago and only got 15000-16000 miles on the new transmission. I would like to sell and get maybe $1500 for a down payment on a new car. The Camry is fully loaded and has been kept as new on the interior and exterior and I have spared no expense in maintaining it throughout the years–I am the original owner but don’t wish to spend another $1600 on a new transmission. What is your advice?

Even in excellent condition you’d be hard-pressed to get $1500 for a '93 Camry. $500 perhaps.

Personally, considering that the problem is only a noise when shifting into reverse, I’d be inclined to keep driving it this way until it fails completely. It may go forever.

On the other hand, where else could you possibly get a good car that you like and know is reliable for $1600? And you can always get a few other “second opinions” and quotes.