1991 Camry - transmission went


I have 1991 Camry with 62,000 miles. The transmission just went on it. My mechanic said it has to be replaced - 1100 for a used one 1800 for a new one. Can these things be fixed then reinstalled? Is car prone to tranny problems?


it depends on how you drive it when it goes out, you can get your transmission rebuilt that might save you some money, but 1800 sounds like to much for a new transmission, you might wanna go talk to someone else about it.


62K on a 16 year old car?? Manual or automatic transmission? $1800 for a rebuild (not new) transmission sounds reasonable for a FWD Japanese car.

A used automatic is a high-risk repair…That only works if you are planning to sell the car.


I doubt that anyone will do a piecemeal repair on a transmission, especially given the age of the vehicle. Nor should they attempt a partial fix; rebuild it all the way.
There’s too many chances of something else going wrong later when a partial repair is done and you’re out a chunk of money.

The price quoted sounds fair and I would probably recommend a rebuilt rather than a used one. A used one is fine if you’re doing the work yourself. That way, if something goes wrong with that “new” used transmission there is no one to point the finger at.


I’m not too dangerous if I have a manual to help me but I haven’t done anything with transmissions. Is it reasonable to change a tranny on this car in my garage?


It’s an auto. Should of posted this earlier because I went the cheap route with a used tranny that has about 70,000 miles on it. i’ve been kncking around cars for a while to keep them on the road; I’m thinking I’ll do the next replacement if it comes up. Does that seem rational or does it take special equipment and expertize.