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Weird smell could of been from car?

Hello everyone just need help, so today as i was sitting at a red light after leaving work the light turned green and i started moving but i usually change gears at 3k rpms but by accident i went to 4k in gear 1 and seconds later after i upshifted i smelt something now it could be cause i work in an industrial area so im use to weird smells or it was cause i had the rpms to high in gear 1 so i feel like maybe im being to paranoid. But any help would be nice thanks

I’m unaware of any car, including Mitsubishi Lancers, that cannot go to at least 6K rpms without damage. 4K in any gear, including 1st, is perfectly safe.

As to the smell, can you describe it? If it was a burning smell it’s possible that you were burning the clutch IF you have the habit of “slipping” the clutch excessively to get the car moving. Or it could have been a dead skunk in the middle of the road. Can’t tell from here. :nerd:

Not to worry for now, once you see a pattern of events you can start to worry.

About 38 years ago, I was driving around in my 1948 Dodge and got the odor in the cabin of hot grease. All the gauges were in the normal range, but I pulled over and lifted the hood. The engine was purring quietly and I saw no smoke and detected nothing else unusual. I then looked back and found that I had just come past a Ponderosa Steak House. Many yeara before that when I was in high school, we were traveling on a curvy, hilly road in our family’s 1954 Buick. We suddenly had a very hot smell in the car. The gauges were normal, but we pulled over and lifted the hood. All was o.k. A couple of miles later, we got the same odor in the car. Again,we pulled over and did a quick check. No problem. When it happened the third time,we kept on going and eventually came up on a diesel truck laying quite a smoke screen.

Couldnt be clutch cause i was already moving and wasnt touching clutch

Unless your pressure plate is weak and you were burning up the clutch because of that. Try starting out from the bottom of a pretty good hill where there is little traffic. Start with the normal gas you would take off from a stop with and once the engine is up to about 2000rpm give it much more gas while watching the tachometer. If the tach slowly raises as you increase speed all is ok, but if the tach jumps quickly without the car increasing much in speed…then the clutch is weak.


It cant be the clutch like i said i was already moving and the car drives fine so it wouldnt be that