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94 accord manual transmission problem

Hi, My 94 accord manual transmission is sensitive to hot temperature weather. When it is hot weather, the car can only go like 5 or 10 mile per hour regardless which gear is in. However, non of this happens when weather is cold. One time, I shifted to 5th gear but the car can only go as fast as 10 mile
per hour on street traffic in a sunny warm afternoon. However, in the same evening, when moon went up, the transmission goes back to normal again.
I could even drive on a highway. By the way, when the transmission could not go fast as gear shifts up, there is a sort of terrible smell emitting in the car.
This was never happened until one time this car has a clutch oil leaking from master cylinder. After that master cylinder replaced, the transmission keep getting low speed regardless which gear is in when weather is hot. After the new master clutch cylinder was replaced for few months, the fluid went out
again. The shop replaced the master cylinder again. Do anyone know what goes wrong?

None of this points to the transmission… Ive owned 3 (94-97) Accords with Autos and Manual transmissions.

If you smell Rotten Eggs… You have a Catalytic Convertor issue… Run the car at night…have someone rev the engine and in the DARK look at the exhaust pipe under the car and under the hood…if it is GLOWING…you found part of your problem.

But at any rate…you have an engine problem… the transmission is FAR from the source of issue.


Sounds to me like a worn and slipping clutch.

If you can drive 10 MPH in fifth gear without the engine stalling, then there’s no doubt that your clutch is slipping badly.

troublefree: when you were at full throttle and going only 15 MPH in any gear, what does the tachometer say?

If the clutch were slipping, the motor will rev way up when you punch the throttle, say 5k RPM.

Assuming this car has a tach. If not, you can usually estimate the RPMs by the sound of the engine.

This is a clutch problem. Sounds like the clutch is just worn out and is slipping badly. That will produce a strong smell. I don’t see this as a clutch master or slave cylinder issue, but while they are replacing the clutch it might be good to put a new slave cylinder in there too.

It is time to stop driving the car. If you encounter a big hill you just might get stuck in the middle and never reach the top. Continuing to drive could lead to more parts needing to be replaced and greater parts and labor costs.

True…what were RPMS doing while you were driving…were they just rising and rising up when you applied gas. You do have a Tach in that vehicle…so

I would have thought that if the engine was racing wildly out of control from a slipping clutch…it might have been good to mention, Its probably just me tho

Based on some of your descriptions, if/when you replace this car, I strongly suggest one with an automatic transmission.

New master clutch cylinder has no oil? Clutch pedal feels good? Firm? Soft? DI u mean slave cylinder reservoir? Maybe Honda manual trans are different? I don’t know if 94 cars had hydraulic clutches.

That trans has an external clutch slave…if this was one of those inline slaves and it lost fluid…that fluid could be on the flywheel and clutch plate now…but NOT in this case…Accords use an external slave

The OP needs to tell us the answer to the RPM’s question. I would’ve thought it would have been mentioned if the rpms were rising wildly out of control… with no forward movement as in normal operation.

Without this answer…we cannot tell if its the engine or the trans.