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Gate Shifters

Just a pet peeve. Because I prefer Toyotas, I’m stuck with the last two with gate shifters…does anyone else hate them as much as I do and wish the return to the old style. Tell me why you think they are better, other than to give the automatic only crowd the illusion the can drive a standard tranny.

I’ve been mad ever since they stopped using column shifters.

I think they use the gate shifters because the action on them is smoother as well as giving the illusion of manual-driving.

Me too, hate 'em, makes life difficult when maneuvering back and forth such as a three point u-turn and positioning the vehicle within a small shop. Even sillier is the floor shifter in my 06 Escape hybrid. this is a CVT transmission, except for park, reverse and drive, there’s nothing to shift, it just takes up space.