Column shift

Is there a small car that has the gear shift on the column? either new or used.

“Three on the tree” shifters used to be common many years ago, but I haven’t seen one since the early '70s…and that one was a used car.

Not on the column, but somewhere not long ago, I rode with someone in a car that has the shifter on the dash. Honda? Or Isuzu? Really looked strange.

It was probably one of Nisaan’s recent minivans. I saw it too and didn’t like the styling one bit.

up to 07 a midsize Ford Taurus has column shift option.

I, too, have seen many a time when I wouldn’t want a floor shifter.
It’s an oxymoronic waste of space in my 06 hybrid Escape. It has a CVT transmission…except for park, reverse, and drive there’s nothing to shift ! And certainly no need to have a shift lever under your hand at all times at the ready …for what ?

I thought I saw one of the hybrids with the shifter on the dash. Prius perhaps?

Recently I saw a fully restored old Dodge Dart, late '60s, with an automatic tranny with the row of buttons on the dash. I haven’t seen one since I was in high school. Back then the pushbutton shifter system was cable driven and there were reliability problems, but with todays technology it seems this would be an excellent idea.

Are you talking about the selector lever for an automatic transmission or a manual transmission car? I think the last manual transmission car with a column shift was a 1977 Chevrolet Chevelle. I’ve seen a late model Ford Taurus with the selector on the column.