What the devil is Top Tier Gasoline?


The new standards for detergent gasoline that BMW, Toyota, GM, and Honda developed. It’s a minimum deposit control performance for gas and is sold at major brand stations. No-name brands may not sell it.


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Availability of brands that meet the Top Tier standards will vary in different parts of the country, but in the Northeast only Shell complies with the Top Tier gasoline standards established by Toyota, GM, BMW, and Honda.

I can tell you that a friend of mine was experiencing hesitation in his Accord for a few months and that he was using Sunoco gas and Mobil gas in his car. At my suggestion, he switched to Shell and the hesitation problem went away after 3 tankfuls. Since using Shell gas exclusively for the past year, the hesitation problem has never returned.


None of the gas stations I go to or even my owners manual say I should use it. My brother told me I should use it on my new Honda Accord.