Which brand of gasoline?

We remember reading about some brands of gasoline that are better than others for our 1996 Toyota Camry. Anyone else seen this? Can you help us find it again? We are leaving on a driving trip soon and want to keep the baby running happily! Thanks.

“Better” is a very subjective term. I suggest you read the owner’s manual and follow its recommendations.

Perhaps you are referring to Top Tier Gasoline. If so, you can find a list of retailers at TopTierGas.com

Camry’s have relatively average performing engines. They will run fine on any unleaded fuel branded or non branded.

Toyota is one of the automobile manufacturers that recommends that a Top Tier gasoline be used in their vehicles.

You can read it here. And it lists the gasoline retailers that sell this gas. http://www.toptiergas.com/index.html


Most Camry owners have never heard of Top Tier recommendations. They fill up with any available brand, and their engines seem to last as long as everyone else’s. There is nothing special about the Camry’s engine. Any unleaded fuel of the right octane will serve you well.

Thanks ever so much. The Top Tier List is what we were looking for. Will be sure to mark it in our favorites!

I don’t believe that “Top Tier” was around in 1996 so I don’t believe it is required or even recommended for your engine. However it certainly will not damage you engine. Maybe try using it every second or third fill up.

If it is no more expensive than other gasolines, why not use it at every fill-up?

My local Shell station is usually the cheapest in the area, so I have no problem getting their top-tier gas with a high level of detergents at a relatively low price. Perhaps others will be lucky enough to find similar pricing in their area.

We’ve been using Hess exclusively now for almost a year. Hess has a great deal. If you get their Hess Visa card you get 10% off all Hess purchases the first 90 days and then 5% off after that. We only use our Hess Visa cards for purchasing Hess gas…NOTHING ELSE. And we pay it off at the end of each month so there is no service charge. At current gas prices of $3.70 we get a discount of $0.18/gal. And Hess gas prices are right at the cheapest gas I can buy in my area. With the discount it’s even cheaper.

Other companies have this too…BUT…most have a limit of up to $100/mo. There is no limit with Hess.