My BMW owner’s manual states that there is significant difference in fuel quality among gasolines offered for sale in the USA.

Which brands are the highest quality?

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BMW is, I believe, one of the manufacturers who recommend Top Tier gasolines in their vehicle.

Top Tier gas is not always available in all areas, however, so you may have to make do with something else.

Whatever you do, don’t use less than the recommended octane.

Well it’s no so much a quality issue as it is a detergent issue and BMW likes to push Top-tier gasoline: I think you’ll find that using premium fuel from any reputable company such as Mobil, Shell, Exxon, Texaco, etc will suffice. I just suggest people avoid small low-traffic shops in rural areas where gas sits for a while, and no-name gas brands. I recommend you run premium as BMW’s tend to respond with better gas mileage and better performance.

It appears there have been some additions to the list of Top Tier gasoline retailers since the last time I looked. I am surprised to discover that there are now several Top Tier retailers in my area, where there were none, or very few, before.

I’m re-evaluating where I buy my gas.