Gasoline spill

My husband spilled gasoline in the back of my van. I have cleaned the carpet but it still smells. Can you recommend anything to get rid of the odor?

The gas may have soaked into the padding under the carpet. The carpet and padding will probably have to be removed from the van and cleaned to get rid of the odor.


Park in the sun on a hot day with the windows part way open. It should evaporate out. (at least it worked when it happened to me…darn lawn mower gas!!) C):slight_smile:

Yep, but it might take more than one day.

You might try placing a cheesecloth bag of activated charcoal in the van. That stuff tends to absorb organic fumes. Available cheap in pet stores.

Some cat litter (unused) spread in that area of the car’s interior should also help to absorb the odor.

There is no substitute for time, parking the car with the windows open, preferably in a carport. A tray of ketty litter will help, but the gas has to eventually evaporate, unless you want to spend big money replacing the carpets.

We once bought a smoker’s car,a went throught the same procedure It took about 3 months for the smoke odor to completely diasppear. Gasoline, being volatile won’t take as long.

No substitue for fresh air!