Gasoline spill



How do I get gasoline out of my upholstered car seat? Luckily it’s in the back seat, but the smell is pretty awful.


First, remove the back seat from the car. On the bottom cushion, you push backward on the frame and then pull up. If it is in the seat back, this may unbolt from the trunk if it needs to be removed. Let the seat air out. I would use a steam cleaner–Bissel markets this as “The Little Green Machine”. It injects a hot water solution and then sucks up most of it. You may be able to rent an upholstery steam cleaner at a rental shop. However, I find having this Bissel machine that costs less than $100 very handy to have around the house. After steam cleaning, let the uphostery dry for an hour or so. If the gasoline smell is gone, reinstall the seat. Otherwise repeat the process.


thank you for the information! looking forward to unscented auto again.