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Gasoline odor problems

My wife’s 1989 Lincoln developed a gasoline odor, most noticeably outside near the right front of the vehicle. Her repair shop has now replaced all 8 fuel injectors, the plenum gaskets. gas cap, vapor canister, and 8 spark plugs (but not wires), but the odor persists, and now the car hesitates when warm at the 20-40 mph range. Any help?

A strong gasoline odor from the engine means a leak, most likely from a fuel line or a fuel line connection.
Don’t just drive this car expecting to find the time to diagnose it later. Get it repaired right away. A gasoline fire is likely, if not imminent. Don’t drive the car until this problem is repaired.

Some of those repairs have nothing to do with a suspected fuel leak. I hope she needed all that work for other legitimate reasons.