Strong Gas Smell @ stop lights and when parked

This is an 05 4.6L V8.

I have a strong gas smell in the car when I stop at a light. When I drive away, it goes away.

Second issue is with the Gas Tank relief valve, I got my mechanic to dig up the TSB on it and get the confirmation that the repair is covered under FORD extended warranty. But the local FORD dealer who shall remain nameless is very difficult to work with. Any suggestions.

Write down everything and keep going up the latter till you get results.
Look in you manual, it will have numbers you can call for trouble like this.

I have located the gas smell to the rear of the left cylinder bank.

Look for leaking fuel injector O-rings. It doesn’t take very much gas on a hot engine to cause the gasoline odor.


Thanks Tester,
I am worried that this will make my FORD from Fix or Repair Daily to Found on the Road Dead.

Do you know any reasonable FORD dealer in Indianapolis or Columbus Area. I like people to have a smile on their face when they are about to rip me off. This is regarding the Fuel Tank thing. I have to go to a dealer for that.