Gasoline odor in a/c vents



I just bought a 96 Buick Skylark. When I first start it up for the day, after sitting in the garage all night, I smell gasoline coming from the vents. After 5 minutes of driving with the vents on (windows down) it goes away and I never smell it again no matter how many times I park it and go. There are no leaks on the pavement that I can see. Help, I don’t want to blow up. Good thing I don’t smoke.l


Since it seems to be coming in via the vents, I would guess there is some sort of leak under the hood. You or your mechanic may be able to find it by opening the hood and smelling and watching for the source as the car cools down.

Gasoline evaporates quickly so likely it is evaporating before you see it, but by watching and sniffing you may be able to find it.  You may also find stains if you look carefully. Look especially along the fuel lines.


Thanks, I have hubby take a look.


I had this problem with one of my cars, and the fix is a simple - and cheap - one. Have your mechanic change the PCV valve.

For an overview as to what the PCV is and does, I found a link that’s pretty good:

Hope this helps.