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Outside Vent causes gas smell in car

After a recent oil change, a gas smell began to emanate from the vents of my 99 Camry. At first I figured it was just something that would burn off, but it’s been about two weeks (of fairly light driving) and it’s still there. Some interesting notes:

1) It only smells when the air conditioning is set to take air from outside of the car. When it is recycling air, no smell.

2) It seems to be a lot stronger when the car is at a stop. When I’m on the highway at normal highway speeds, I can’t really smell it. But then I get to a stoplight, and the smell comes back.

I’m bringing it back to the shop that did the oil change, because this began after that. But does anybody have any ideas on what this could be?


Have you ever seen an engine fire? Would you like to see your own engine fire?! If yes, continue on. If no, have someone check, and repair, the fuel leak on the engine. It’s getting drawn into the car through the vents at the base of the windshield.

PS, Gasoline toasted marshmallows don’t taste good.

Is that something that could be caused by a bad oil change job? I.e. that the intake valve wasn’t properly replaced or something like that?

By the way, thanks hellokit. I appreciate the help.

is the oil fill cap on? any hoses knocked off?

BLOOM !..where the fuel smell eminates.

good luck!

This could also be the result of a saturated charcoal canister. Do you stop pumping gas at the first or second click, or try to ‘top off’ the tank beyond that? Trying to ‘top off’ the tank can lead to raw gas getting sucked into the tank vent line, and saturating the canister. Then, gas will trickle through, and fumes will leak out of the vent at the bottom, giving you the gas smell. This can also happen if the canister is not getting purged properly, like if the vacuum line is cracked or broken.

well said.


I was joking about the possible engine fire…or, was I?

NO YOU WASiNT! (is that SPELLED correct?)

you stated yours , we stated ours.(anyone who rides around for that LONG with a fuel smell,OBVIOUSLY does not care ,THAT MUCH!)