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1992 Honda Accord Gas Smell Air Conditioning

I have a 1992 Honda Accord with 165000 miles. The gas pump was recently replaced and about 3 weeks after I started to smell gasoline after I drive the car for about a hour or during the afternoon (during a hot day). I notice it more when I turn my air conditioning; I started to drive with the air conditioning off. It is not fun, since I leave in texas. The mechanic tells me that is just because my car is old. Can this be fixed? If so, where should I start?

Thanks for your help,


smelling gas is not a good thing. Any decent mechanic should want to give the car a real good check over.
I would definitely have the fuel lines checked for leaks.

have you noticed any leaks in your driveway? What about under the hood?

A gasoline leak doesn’t have to form drops, or leak onto the ground, to be an actionable problem. You might take your car to another mechanic who will take your concern more seriously.

Your mechanic may have changed the fuel filter. The fuel filter is under the hood. One of those connections could be leaking. If gasoline is leaking under the hood, it could be drawn into the air vents at the base of the window where the wiper blades park.

And, since this situation presents the possibility of an underhood fire, I would suggest that the OP take this car to another mechanic a.s.a.p.

i had a valve cover gasket that was leaking on hot moter,that smell like gas.

Some people smell differently than other people. Er, I mean, their noses do. The valve cover leak that bedrock is talking about is an OIL leak onto the hot engine exhaust manifold. To some people, that hot, cooking, oil smells like burning rubber, or burning cork. He’s right, it can burst into flame. So, can gasoline. Either, oil or gasoline leak, is a potential danger.