Gasoline leaks while filling up car


I have '99 Prizm.

When I pump gas into the car, most of that gas leaks out. It GUSHES out from under the car. I had an empty tank and managed to pump about 6 gallons before someone at the gas station pointed out the river of gasoline pouring from my car. Maybe 3 gallons of gas made it to the tank.

The leak appears to only be present in the line leading to the gas tank. When I’m not adding gas to the car, there is no leak. No gas drips from the undercarriage. Also, the leak happens immediately. Trying to add gas to the car again later, the gas leaked out of the car mere seconds after I squeezed the pump.

Is this likely a huge repair? I’m in college and don’t have much money. I’m taking the car to a shop this week and would like to know if I should brace myself.


Part or all of you filler tube is metal, and likely has hole rusted through it. This has happended to me. Usually a cheap and easy fix. Asside from the fact you can’t get much gas in the car, you will also wind up with a lot of dirt and rust in you tank. This happened to me; plugged the filter sock in the tank, then the pump sucked the sock into it and ruined the pump. My fuel filter also got plugged.

In addition to the good advice from Loafer, I would suggest that the vapor recovery system may be involved.  I would look or have someone look for a loose or damaged hose in that system.  Are you in the habit of topping off the tank when you fill it up?


I never top off the tank.

Thanks a lot, Loafer and Mr. Meehan for the advice. It’s very appreciated.


As loafer suggests the fill pipe is all or part metal(plastic) tube but they are connected with a rubber tube wit clamps. Have/can you look under and up to check i9t might be an easy repair which you could do yourself!