2001 Mitsubishi Mirage leak while filling tank

Hey folks-

My car (make and model in title) is leaking fuel while I fill the tank and only when I fill the tank. I took a look and discovered that the line connecting the fuel filler and the tank is cracked. Would it be safe to patch it on my own or is the something that ought to be replaced by a mechanic? And if I can patch it, can anyone recommend what to patch it with?


It HAS to be replaced.



Well, to be entirely fair, if the OP wants to gamble that he and his passengers won’t be immolated as a result of a cheap-o patch job of the fuel filler line, perhaps he might turn out to be correct.
… or… not…

I wonder what caused the crack? It seems like there is very little force applied to that pipe in normal circumstances. the only thing I can think of is forgetting to remove the gas pump gadget from the filler hole and you begin to drive away … crack … but otherwise I can’t think of much of a reason for that pipe to crack.