Gas smell in the car

I have a 1991 GEO Metro convertable. When I fell the gas tank and while using the first 1/3 of the tank, there is a strong gass smell in the car while driving. The smell seems to increase when I go around a corner during the first 1/3 of a full tank. I have checked the fill and the vent hoses. I have tried filling the tank till it is up in the fill line to try to detect leakage but with no success. Any suggestions


“Up to the fill line?” What does that mean? Where’s the fill line?

If you’ve been overfilling the tank, you may have damaged the vapor recover system, which can cause a gasoline odor in the vehicle. You should always stop filling when the gas pump shuts off the first time.

Is the check engine light on?

I guess I should have said “fill Tube”. I normally do stop filling on when the pump stops the first time. I was trying to over fill to see if I could find any place leaking gas.

Your fuel delivery system has numerous lines, fittings, gaskets and seals, any of which can corrode, split, dry up, or take a “set” over 16 years. I’m afraid that on a car this age it’ll need a thorough look. On a lift. With a worklight.