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Gas tank

When I get gas for my 2000 Hyundai, the pump shuts off often, like after every 1-2 gallons. Is it dangerous to use it like this? What would the approx. cost & time be to fix the problem? It takes forever to fill the tank.

Are you in the habit of topping off the tank when you fill it. If so that is likely the reason. Topping off the tank damages the vapor recovery system. You can read your owner’s manual and likely a sticker somewhere on the car telling you not to do it. If that is it likely the charcoal canister will need to be replaced.

Other than that it may be a kinked hose, bad valve or any of several issues. It may even be the specific pump at the station you use so try a different brand just to be sure.

Since there are so many causes, the cost and time to fix can vary from free to a few hundred dollars.

The answer to “obstructed gas fill vent” was posted last night. Didn’t you read it? The solution, then: push a 1/2 inch rod or hose into the gas fill tube. Push it down to where the tube connects to the gas tank. Push the anti-spill valve open. Try to fill with fuel.