Gas tank problem

I have a 2007 Mustang 6 cylinder that I have a difficult time filling the gas tank because the gas pump clicks off several times trying to fill the gas tank. I have taken it to the dealership but they cannot find anything wrong. They claim the car accepts gas the way it was designed to do. I still have a frustrating difficult time trying to fill my gas tank.

I would appricate any advice as what to do about my gas tank problem.

This could be the case.
I have encountered 4 of 5 pumps I visit that pump too fast, even on their slow notched setting. I have to hold it slower than that or put my keys under the handle.
These newer cars have a lot more bends and angles to the necks and even smaller necks than older ones. I can see the differences between my four different trucks. ( 79 ,92, 06 & 08 )

Check for an insect clog in the fueling vapor vent hose. Also, check for a stuck roll-over valve.

Have you or another driver been in the habit of topping off the thank when it clicks off the first time (before it became a problem)?

play with the search feature of this board to see many threads similar to yours. Try the words “gas fill” and see what you find…

Ken, and your last name is “Green” 4 trucks?

Check out TSB 07-21-12. Its for a redesigned tank but the TSB says its includes your car but goes on to say a 2007 already has the new design tank,not real clear.

They end up telling you to use a different station, what the?

Thank all for your help. I have gone to different stations tried putting gas in slow mode. Ford people say they check everything and its made to work the way it should. It’s like them telling me to take water with no asprin to help my headache this care gives me.

when I encounter an oversensitive pump, that cuts off too much, I back the nozzle out of the filler neck and it does fine.