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Gas fueling problems

I have a 2006 Ford Mustang that I am having problems fueling. We live in a city that does NOT have the emissions vacuum hose over the gas nozzle at service stations so it’s not a problem when I’m home. When I travel to other cities that have the hose over the nozzle it takes about 30 minutes to fuel my car. I thought it was “operator malfunction” but other relatives have tried it that use this type of nozzle all the time and has problems fueling my car also. The gas pump shuts off about every 2 cents and you have to jimmy around with the nozzle, hold it in an obscure position squeezing the handle and hope that it continues to flow. 30 minutes later you might have enough gas in it to go somewhere! I took it to the Ford dealership today and they told me that they probably couldn’t fix the problem because they have no way of checking the problem since our gas pumps don’t have that type of hose system. We will be moving in about 10 months to a city that has the pump vacuum system and I’m sure my car will be out of warranty by then. I want to get the problem solved while it’s still under warranty. Is there something I can tell the dealership to check?

Mustangs are all built the same, regardless of which state they are shipped to (except California, of course), and you should be able to fill your car’s gas tank just about anywhere (except California, of course).

I’ve run into this problem once in a while with my cars, too. I have no problems filling at local stations, but sometimes it’s difficult to fill the tank when I’m away from home. Usually I’ve been able to find a position in which the filler will work, but sometimes it takes a few minutes to figure it out.

I suggest you take your Mustang to a dealership in the city to which you will be moving, or a city that has a similar fuel filling system. They should be able to recreate your filling problem and, hopefully, solve it for you. ANY Ford dealer will honor the warranty.

Do it now, before the warranty expires.

Pull the snorkel back with your fingers or make a little block of wood to place on the edge of the filler neck to lift the edge of the snorkel and defeat it…