Trouble filling gas tank

extremly slow filling gas tank on my 2005 ford falcon

Are you, or someone else who drives your car, topping off the tank when you fill it up? If so, if you stop doing that, after a few fill ups, it should start to improve. If you check your owner’s manual it likely will warn you not to do that.

After that, the next thing to check is to look down the fill pipe. Do you see a ball shaped object down there? If so you want to gently bump it and see if it drops back in towards the tank. It is a roll over spill protection and they sometimes stick.

Other suggestions include trying a new station

I am the only one that drives my car & i dont top up tank hardly at all.
Have tried different stations im sure thats not the problem.
I have activated the filler valve & it does activate easly.
The washer or o ring that is visible at the filler end appears to be in good condition.
I now assume its the valve at the tank end that is not working.
I will try the ball idea first before taking it somewhere.
Thanks for yr reply.