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Gas started spraying out

when i started my car this morning- from underneath the car, just below the driver-side door. i can see a fuel line/tube that is cracked. is this any easy fix? do i just need to have this tube replace?

What type of car, make, model, year, engine option? I suspect the car is fuel injected, and a cracked line needs to be replaced. However, since this is on a suspected hardline running under the car between the engine and fuel tank, I would replace the entire line. This may require the fuel tank to be dropped to access the end of the hard line.

Some would say that you can cut the hardline either side of the crack, and replace just the bad section with a new section of tubing and compression fittings. But, I simply do not like that idea because of the risk of failure in the repair, and the possibility of the hardline being compromised along it’s entire length.

Its a 1997 Saturn SL2. Thanks!