Cracked Fuel Pump - Will her insurance pay for it?

Hi everyone,

I need some help. I drive a 2002 Saturn L200. About 3 months ago I was rear-ended, and suffered some minor damage to my car. The other driver’s insurance company paid for the damages. Basically, my bumper was replaced and the tail-pipe (which was bent) was repaired.

Then, about 2 weeks I started to smell gasoline inside and outside my car. I took it to my Saturn dealership and it turned out that my fuel pump was cracked and leaking fluid. It obviously needed to be replaced. The mechanics said that fuel pumps usually don’t just crack, and they felt this may have been connected to my previous accident 3 months ago.

Could the fuel pump have been damaged 3 months ago? Do I have a case for asking the other drivers insurance company to reopen my claim?

Thanks for the help!

Did you negotiate through your insurance? If so, call them, and they will help you.

If not, you’ll need to call the insurance agent you dealt with 3 months ago, explain the situation, and be prepared to argue. This will be an additional claim from the previous accident that the insurance company thought it closed out. They will be more difficult that with the original claim.

Isn’t the fuel pump inside the tank? I can’t imagine how the pump could be leaking. Now, there certainly could have been hidden damage to the fuel tank and the lines that come out of it. The lines may be cracked, or the seals where they go through the tank may be damaged and leaking. The damage may also be around the fuel filler neck or the evaporative emission control system. You may have a case with the insurance company, but they may not believe “cracked fuel pump”.

Your fuel pump motor is housed in a plastic casing with a flange on top. The pump and casing hang down inside the fuel tank, suspended from a plastic flange screwed into the top of the tank. Since the pump hangs down, much like a pendulum would, the force of a collision could crack the flange.

[picture of the pump from]

First off, I’ll admit, I know very little about cars, but I’ll try to tell you what I do know.

The Saturn Dealership actual gave me the broken part to show the insurance company. On the invoice the tech comments say “found fuel tank stained with fuel…lowered to check and found 1 line on tank was cracked-broke off when removing the hose. Replaced pump assembly”

Hope this helps with everyones comments.

My suspision the fitting was broken off when the Tech tried to remove the line.

Pendulum motion of the pump breaking the fitting off, I would not approve the repair.

Now if you could show some kind of impact to the tank,would be better for you.

Wonder why a evap code was not set, I have seen cracked rubber filler hoses(KIA) set codes.

There was a campaign to replace a evap fitting at the top of the tank,you were suppose to go through a acess panel under the seat,it was easier to lower the tank a little,trouble was this pulled on the hose and caused it to crack,really poor quality rubber.