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Gas soaked me - was it the car or the pump?

Filled up a 2005 dodge Durango - that we just bought that same day - when tank got full gas kept flowing soaking me - the dealer said it was a problem with the stations pump - nothing mechanical - not sure if that is true

The vehicle does not stop the pump. The pump handle is supposed to shut off so the dealer is correct.


No. I can confirm that our 2004 Durango has started doing this as well, and it does not matter which station we use. It will routinely over-fill. Around the same time this started, the fuel tank also will read only up to 3/4 full tank sometimes.

Conversely, my Infiniti has the opposite problem, and will go through spells of routinely under-filling. So the issue isn’t always going to be with the pump.

Your mechanic wasn’t entirely wrong, however. This is obviously not a mechanical issue, but rather I’d imagine something pneumatic, either a bubble or vacuum forming in the gas tank, however I don’t know how the gas pumps work exactly to say for sure.

The pump nozzle shutoff device failed.