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Durango Fuel Tank Overflow

My neighbor and I both have 2005 Durangos. I asked them last night if they ever had the fuel tank overflow while filling up, since I had started to have this experience recently. They said yes. What can cause this problem to happen over and over at different gas pumps.

On many cars it can be caused to topping off the fuel when re-fueling. Likely somewhere on your car is a sticker telling you not to top off the tank. If that is true then you may need a repair to the vapor recovery system.

Another issue, and I believe it applies to 2005 cars, is a valve that blocks fuel from coming out of the tank, like when the car gets flipped over. It is possible it may be stuck and you may need to be put back into place.

Good Luck.

I haven’t done much work on cars since the 70’s. Is the vapor recovery system something you could do yourself…like changing the canister or similar?

If the check engine light hasn’t come on, I’d hazard a guess that the anti-spill valve at the base of the fill pipe has closed. Try to open it with a long flexible rod stuck down the fill pipe.
In the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) system, there is, also, a fuel vapor control valve at the top of the gas tank which controls the vent to the fill pipe and to the charcoal canister.
When you research the system, look for information about the ORVR system.

I have a similar problem, a different vehicle. I just fill it fast until a couple of gallons less than what I know it needs and fill on slow after that. A small price to pay in comparison.

Do you have a PROBLEM filling up, or does it overflow after a normal fill-up??

If it overflows without shutting off, the problem is with the nozzle, not your car. The nozzle must be inserted fully, right-side up…

I wonder if we are on the same page. My personal example is if I leave it on high flow at the pump all the way to the end, I get a burp of overflowed gas from the filler neck, and then I the car smells of gas fumes. If I use a slow setting at the end no burp, no fumes, and either way no check engine light. Sure I could probably spend some money to get that fixed, but why?

I have a somewhat similar problem that started ~3 weeks ago on my 01 Nissan Altema. Once it overflowed after taking only ~3 gal when it should have held at least 10 gal. On a vacation trip, I had to keep re-starting the fuel nozzle to get a full tank – once I think I did it 50 times.

For about 3 months I’ve had an intermittent “service engine soon” light. My local mechanic told me that I need not rush to fix this (he is busy & hard to get). I do not remember the error code but it apparently involves the valve on the charcoal canister.