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Gas pump nozzle shuts off before tank full

We have a 2006 Dodge Caravan. This past week, both my husband and son have complained that they can’t put more than 5 gallons of gas in the tank before the nozzle shuts off. So different pumps at different gas stations. What’s causing this? Thanks

I have lived with this for 15 years with my truck. It happens when the gas sold is changed from summer to winter blends and back to summer blends. I can’t get 5 gallons in before it stops. Sometimes I can’t get a quart before it shuts off. Some brands are far, far, worse than others.

If this has always done this, try changing gas brands. If it only recently started this, something may have come loose in the tank or filler neck.

Have someone inspect the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system for a restriction.

When refueling the gas tank, the vent valve is what allows the fuel tank to vent as fuel is being added to the fuel tank. If the fuel tank can’t vent, it builds pressure in the fuel tank and the gas nozzle keeps shutting off.

So, have the vent valve and related hoses inspected for a restriction.

Did you know spiders will lay egg sacs in this system, and cause the exact same problem?


Agree with @Tester, but will add that you may get some relief if you don’t stick the nozzle all the way down into the filler neck. When you insert it all the way, pull back about a quarter inch so the nozzle lays at a different angle. That works for some vehicles, not all.

Thanks for your replies. My mechanic said there is a ball in the valve in the gas tank neck that has become stuck. He’ll probably have to replace the gas tank.

Try filling it on slow speed, and see if you can skip the repair if money is an issue.