Gas pump cuts off when filling Equinox

What would cause the gas pump to continue to cut off when trying to fill up the gas tank?

The type of gas and/or the filler neck and hose arrangement.

Some cars are very sensitive to the change in fuel from winter to summer or summer to winter. It causes the fuel to foam and constantly shut off the filler. My Chevy Avalanche does this. There is no cure I’ve found except to go to another gas station.

Some cars because of how the fuel hose has to bend to get into the tank, tends to aerate the fuel and cause the shut-off. Again, no cure.

Mustang Man nailed it, most pumps run so fast I can barely get gas into my Trailblazer unless I hold the handle of the pump and run it real slow. Sometimes the “breather tube” part of the filling neck assembly will get restricted with whatever…dirt, dust, fuel byproducts etc. It just allows air and fumes to escape while filling otherwise you’d only be able to put in at a trickle. If you’re a do it yourself er, You can try to disconnect the breather side of the fill system and blow it out with an air gun with a rubber nipple. That’s what I’d do at my shop if it was a real hassle filling up. The Trailblazer can be a pain at some pumps but it’s not that big a deal so I deal with it.


Agree! Some pumps are a pain. I used to have a Chevy Caprice. At the nearby gas station the pumps would shut off repeatedly. I switched gas stations and all was OK. I was not blaming the car.

I would say it’s mostly just to do with the volume coming out of the pump. Some gas pumps are more powerful than others, some car’s breather systems are better designed than others. I remember the old rear fill full size Chryslers I loved so much, you instantly knew if you forgot to put your gas cap on, people would be pulling up next to you shouting, “your cars shooting a gusher of gas out every time you take off!!!”, I’m like, “crap, I did it again!” LOL Those didn’t have breather systems, just a neck straight in. The tanks could really build up pressure on a hot day, especially near empty.

In case this hasn’t been tried, hold the nozzle at a position other than simply vertical (with hose at about the 6 o’clock position). Try about 45 degrees to the right (between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions) or the left (between the 7 and 8 o’clock positions).
Maybe even try other positions, because they might give a different arrangement of nozzle and filler neck positions to prevent the pump from cutting off.

I WAS blaming MY car! The problem is common for Chevy Avalanches, I found, by reading the Avalanche forums.

But the fuel is an issue, too. Add the foamy gas problem that occurs with some fuels at some pumps in the spring and fall. Combine the two and it becomes IMpossible to fill my tank at that station.

Have someone inspect the EVAP system vent control circuit for a restriction.

If the gas tank can’t vent when refueling, the nozzle on the gas pump will keep shutting off.

There have even been reports of spiders laying egg sacs in the vent system causing the problem you’re having.