Gas pedal press hard

I own a 1991 Toyota corolla with 65,000 miles on it. Recently I had it four new tires and front brakes included pads and rotors from independent shop. All of sudden I feel different by pressing the gas pedal a little stiff?? I mean press hard to get it going, I don’t smell or hear brake burn or noise. Is it normal to break in process? i am trying to figure it out what other possiblity so help me!



Did you change type of tires? My last set of tires I had on my current car had a very aggressive tread (which I’d bought for winter performance) with significantly higher rolling resistance. I could actually feel the difference when accelerating, and lost 1-2 mpg. Everything went back to normal once I eventually replaced them.

The good news is that the aggressive tread and softer compound (longevity stunk) gave them the best winter weather performance of any tires I’ve ever had, hands down.

If what you mean is that the gas pedal is hard to depress at first, but then operates freely once it gets past that point of resistance, you might try having the throttle body cleaned. Deposits can form inside the throttle body where it can cause the throttle plate to stick. So that when you first step on the gas, you have to get the throttle plate past the area of deposits before it operates freely.


Make sure the rug or floor mat is not bunched up under the gas pedal.

I had them replaced tires the same size as previously but different brand like Firestone FR380 but sure look a bit bigger round due to more dept tread. probably a bit difference also I will check the mat to make sure freely from pedal.

Thanks for input