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Ford V-10

thinking of getting a motorhome with the ford V-10 engine, heard it is the one to get andy one else think so?

I’m totally ignorant here, but for my money I’d get one with a diesel.

You also might check out the RV forums, lots of folks there with lots of experience.

Recently, while ascending an 8% incline at 65 mph, I was passed by a Dodge diesel towing an apparently loaded 16 ft trailer. I was flabbergasted. They may be all that they are advertised to be.

I had one. A 30 footer. It was fine, but certainly wouldn’t win any drag races with the diesel guys, and the mileage sucked. In the mountains, it was pretty much redlined on every grade. Meanwhile the guys in the 50’ diesel pusher busses were cruising past me without even trying. If you can afford it, check out a diesel.

A diesel will be a better performer, and while diesel costs more than gasoline right now, a diesel engine should get a little better mileage. A turbo diesel will also compensate somewhat for the thinner air at altitude if you’re going up mountains.

If you plan to drive it a lot, and be on the road most of the time, get a diesel. If you plan to store it most of the time, only taking it out every once in a while, get a gasoline engine. My preference is for a Chevy RV chassis, but a Ford chassis will probably be just as reliable.

Alternative 3 - rent. If you plan to use it a few weeks a summer, you’ll be way ahead of the game renting. I’ve done it several times, worked out great.

Consider very seriously what Texases said. RVs are money pits. Something’s always breaking on them. Something always needs updating. You have to insure them year round because people love to break into them since they’re guaranteed at least 2 stereos and a TV out of the deal. You have to fiddle with the damn things all the time. Winter’s coming? Gotta winterize all the pipes. Winter’s over? Gotta bleach-flush all the pipes so you don’t drink the antifreeze. Don’t have exactly the right witches-brew of enzymes and procedures for the toilet? Your RV smells like a portajohn and attracts flies.

Don’t get me wrong - RVing is fun, but especially on the less expensive rigs (read: non-bus conversions) very costly to maintain; Remember, you’re not only maintaining a vehicle that’s doing a lot more work than it was designed for, but you’re also maintaining a house that’s riding on the back of that vehicle. And I haven’t even gone into all the crap you have to do to keep water from getting in and wrecking the whole thing. Unless you’re going to spend a LOT of time in this thing, renting is the way to go. Let the rental place worry about all the ownership headaches.