Gas Odor When Running the Air Condition - 2000 Ford Taurus

Well, the title pretty much sums it up. I recently had cabin air filter and fuel filter replaced. Could this be the cause??

I do not see cabin filter as a cause. Fuel filter replacement is too big of a coincidence to dismiss. Take it back and ask them to check it out.

Did it happen after the fuel filter or did it smell before? If it was only after, take it back and have it checked for leaks. A little gas makes a lot of fumes.

It’s pretty easy for a shop to get the connector for the new fuel filter threaded cockeyed, in which case it will leak some gasoline. It’s important to take the car to a shop to address this concern asap, as leaking gasoline can be dangerous. Suggest you carry a fire extinguisher if possible until you know for certain there are no gasoline leaks. And keep the AC off. It won’t take much time for the shop to tell by inspection if gasoline is leaking from the new fuel filter.

It seemed too coincidental to me as well BarkyDog. Knfenimore, it was only after the change. GeorgeSanJose, a fire extinguisher is an excellent safety precautions, thanks for the suggestion. Thanks everyone! I always feel better consulting the Car Talk Community to make sure I’m covering all the bases.

What George said.