Gas mileage

Would 2oz of acetone to 10 gals of gas better ones gas mileage? The theory being the acetone helps the gas to become vaporized thus creating better gas mileage.

No, it won’t.

This advice has been tested many times. It is worthless.

If that theory held water than we would run winter mix gasoline all year round.

The only increase is the additional energy of that 2oz to the 10 gallons. Not enough difference to measure and it likely cost more than it saves.

Acetone likely has a lower energy content than gasoline. It is after all an oxygenated compound like alcohol. Mixing acetone, or any other oxygenated compound to gasoline dilutes its energy content.

As well as increasing NOx emissions.

Acetone doesn’t have any nitrogen in it. Where do the increased NOx emissions come from?