Gas and diesel

I drove my 2007 Honda accord with diesel fuel for over 20 miles and i did it by accident, I asked my friend about it and he told that i shouldn’t have done that. I only put 2 gallons cause i wasn’t paying attention, should I burn out the gas and then put regular in the car?

I’m no expert, but I’d have the fuel system drained and replaced with fresh gas.

You should complain to the gas station where this happened. The diesel nozzle is supposed to be a larger size so that this can’t happen, but unfortunately some gas stations use the wrong nozzle. (This is also an issue for those of us with diesel cars with a misfueling-prevention system, as we can’t use those gas stations.)

@lionscar…I agree with you. Many gas stations in my area have had regular nozzles on their diesel fuel pumps for a long time. One, in particular, has had them for years…I won’t name them but they have a lot of green in their signs.

If it were mine, I would fill it with gasoline and just drive it…Or get a couple of 5 gallon cans and siphon it out, refill your tank gasoline and add a small amount (say one gallon) of the mixed fuel to each tank of gas until it’s gone…

As it is, your engine may 'knock" a little on acceleration and it may be a little rough running after a cold start…

Having a repair shop drain your tank and dispose of the mixed fuel will not be cheap…

You say it’s running now even with the diesel in it ?
Just keep driving it and adding gas to dilute it.

I was recently confused while visiting ‘‘back east’’ and stopped in one of those green logo stations we don’t have ‘‘out west’’.
…ALL the pump heads are green !

But with a little reading, I was clearly able to put the right stuff.

kengreen I agree! If it is running now I would keep it topped up with premium gas and the fuel system will take care of itself.