Garmin GPS repair

Any recommendations for a good repair shop for a Garmin GPS?

Is it under warranty? Have you contacted Garmin? What seems to be the problem? Where are you and the car located? As far as we can tell you could be in France or Moscow Ky.

Located in Metro DC area (VA) The Garmin is about 2.5 years old, so no warranty.

simply contact their site. They have the right people on their list.

Google is your friend

Is this an integrated unit or one you stick on the windscreen? If it is not integrated, I would just buy a new one. Even a two year old unit has been replaced by better units and come with more up-to-date maps. Even replacing batteries can be an expensive deal.

Based on my experience at Best Buy, for physical damage, these things aren’t considered serviceable. It’s almost always more cost effective to buy a new one.

I agree with FoDaddy. Most electronic devices today–especially very small ones like a GPS–are not designed to be repaired, and as a result, repair almost always costs more than simply replacing the defective product. Is this good? No, clearly it is not, but this is the reality of the situation.

If you had a McIntosh stereo amplifier that was malfunctioning, clearly it would make more economic sense to repair it, but if one is talking about a GPS, or any other small electronic device, it makes more sense in today’s world to simply replace the unit for a few hundred $$. Besides being cheaper, this will also give the consumer an improved/upgraded product in most cases.