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Fuses blown gear shift locked HELP PLEASE

just had car in for inspection/oil change. now car starts but can’t shift out of park and no horn, brake lights, radio, gas gauge, odometer, etc.

I think it would be helpful to the users (and thus more helpful to you) if you gave a little background data about your car, such as make, model, year, and other potentially pertinent information.

Knowing the make/model/year would be helpful.

There is a solenoid that unlocks the shifter when the right criteria are met–eg. having your foot on the brake. Your description says “fuses blown” Have you actually checked the fuses? Are any blown? Which ones?

Who did the oil change–the dealer? If so, take it back. Did you notice the problem immediately upon leaving, or did it develop later?

The more info you give us, the better the chance of actually being able to help.