Fuse shorting out

my directionals are not working and when I attempt to replace the fuse it shorts out.

First, let us understand each other so the smart guys here can help you.

Do you mean the fuse shorts out, or burns open, which is the normal response when there is a short on the protected line?

Year, make and model please. Any accident damage? Have you look anything over yet?

I am going to guess you mean the fuse burns out due to a short. That short could be anywhere from the fuse to the switch. My guess is that it will be at or close to the turn signal lever on the steering wheel.

For more detailed information we will need make model and year of car. it might even be helpful to know if it is manual or automatic transmission.

Yes! The fuse burns open.

1994 Ford Aerostar extended van.

I used to know a Porsche mechanic in Monterey Calif who’s approach to diagnosing a problem like this was to stick a nail in the fuse clip and then stand back and watch for where the smoke came from.

Come to think of it, I don’t recall him ever using that technique on his OWN car, just customer cars.

If the fuse is burning out without moving the directional switch then I would guess the trouble may be in the steering column. You might try removing the flasher unit and see what happens. USing an ohmmeter to troubleshoot with would be a good way to track down the short.